Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Crustaceans


from the deep they call me
the cozy comfortable versions of myself.
“Hold my hand” each echo of desperation whispers to me
I love myself. I set myself free.
The clenched fist opens.....
like solar panels of satellites, I turn towards surrender

Its the silence of myself that i have lost that nourishes me.
Its the vacancy i created when i let it go that holds me.
From the cervix, every moment grows me toward my greatness.

But they call to me.
They beg me with their familiar voices
“Take me with you”.

And she kneels inside of me, the veiled woman who weeps
and never shows her eyes.
the source of my tears thats collected behind these eyes
thats watched myself all these years.
Tightening my chest, a drawstring around my throat.

I pull back.
I clench the tails of my garments as I move towards surrender.
But they weep harder
and they beg me with the voice thats loved me for so long...
“Come back to me my dear, come back to me”
“Your safe here in the womb of what we’ve always had”.

I pretend I don’t hear them.
I go where its warm and I get my ass home.
But they long for me, and I for them.
For its my past thats brought me here
and these versions of myself that I want to love now
the ways I never could then...

 “Come home to me”

 “Come home to me”

 “come home to me”....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall or Full


whats life,
                      but a strand of moments

                                    hurled benign,
                                                              past freedom

                                                                        into psyches of indifference
                                                                                                                      & fathom

some radiate like epicenters
                                    of the quakes that shift our lives
                                                                                    in all kinds of directions

                        have you loved?
                                    have you loved with all you are?

complete vulnerability

has your heart ever become naked in front of another?

                        does your heart speak this language?

                                                have you lost the form of this love?

have you said good-byes to people, places & things you didn't want to leave?
                                                                                                                             but had to
            versions of yourself you had to discard to grow deeper,
                                                even though the past of you wanted to come too
                                                                                                                            & they beg

            for life is not a carousel of the fantasies we dream of
                                    and living to be happy-
                                                            is living a half-life

as its pain, loss, & toil where we crumble
                                                              & blossom again

                        sometimes its in our pieces we find our power
                                                                        its our weaknesses- that build us strong

to access life,
                    is to access living

                                                            to live full
                                                                             is to ride wildly

                                    for streams lead to rivers
                                                                              which hit dams
                                                                                                     & freeze in winters
            but all waters must reach the ocean
                                                                     where the salts may purify them
                                                                                                                      again & again

to your body-
                      be kind
                                                to your mind-           
                                                                      you already know

                        for your heart-
                                                trust, please trust
                                                                             i trust you

& to the part of you that exist in eternity
                                                                    the part of you on loan from God
                                    your soul-
                                                            live wildly
                                                                                       live richly
            hurt deeply when it hurts

                                                cry over & over again
                                                                                    if you must

for tears are the antiseptic
                                           for the wounds we don't see

                                                                                    may pain force more life
                                                                                                                             from you

                        may sorrows squeeze you to your depths

& may anger, Rage;
                               the knights and armoured horseman
                                                whom guard the hurts-
                                                                                      battle until the wars are done.

            for those of us who have lived
                                                we know its many Journeys
                                                                                    across the deserts of
                                                                                                        lonesome burdens
                        the paradise of self-love appears

                        For to be Full
                                                is to live-
                                                                        for it all

                                                                                    to be full is to accept
                                                                                                                        it all

            for every wound is a
                                                call to grow deeper

                                                                        & every hurt
                                                                                            is summoning
                                                                                                                   you closer                                                                                                                                                (come)
                        seek not only joys
                                                    & the sweet delicacies of life

            for to be Full
                                 is to be whole
                                                            & to be whole
                                                                                                            is to Live.

            May you live flawlessly
                                                   amoungst the treasures of life

                                                                        & sail the winds between
                                                                                                                 the groves
                                                                                                                                  & Love,

Love in eternity

Monday, August 1, 2011


i felt so uncomfortable

                           i was with a large group of

         a group of people
                  i wouldn't socialize with outside of school

                           i didn't like it
                                    i didn't want to be there

         all i could think about
                           was being here

                           safe here between
                                    the pages of privacy

         paper has always welcomed me

                  i can be honest here

                           over the years,
                                    i've watched my tears smear this ink

         words; they expect nothing from me

                           they hold me
                                    like a child, and they cradle me

         between each curve of an 's'
                                    and each intersection of a 't'

                  i am safe here
                                    my words
                                             my pages

                           when i've been lost
                                    i've hung on here

                  and i've also found myself here
                                             in these words

                  my sadness disguised as periods

         my anger expressed in big letters
                  & sloppy penmanship

                  and my longing diagnosed as        
                                    constants and vowels

         my heart has bled open onto these pages
                           this ink still warm and sticky

                           i can feel my own pulse
                  when i put my finger over any one of these letters

         my words
                  my precious, precious words

you've given me the vocabulary
                           to say it

                           i'm home here
                                    like i've never been anywhere else

         throughout my life
                  its been the alphabet thats been my family

grammar thats been my parents

         adjectives; my sisters

verbs; my brothers

                  together we've built a home
                                    nestled between pages and bound with security

         not a home of wood
                           that can burn

                                    or a home of stone
                                             that time will erode

but together we've built an ethereal home
                           floating beyond time and space between infinity
         and the cycles of creation and decomposing

the binds of these books are our guardians

                           they protect our home from
         like a hammock
                  i can rest my soul between each 'u'

                              or nestle my body tight between the sheets
                                                                                 of every 'z'

                  my words, my letters
                                    its you i'll always love

                           and its here
                                    i'm always home

Saturday, May 28, 2011

the standing

the infancy of integrity
the clandestine of despair

                  where silk & rage collide
                  in an afterthought of misunderstanding

we are allotted temptation
we are allotted base & anger

Friday, April 29, 2011


its the drainage of perception
the conflict of sincere

(its) where estranged & understanding
               in a para-mélange of

i come prepared with nothing
except my willingness to allow

(its) between the breath
      & excellence

i find comfort in the womb
of God

& rest in peace
in the placenta

               of my

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've Honored Love

(this poem is available by request only)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


i can’t find the words.
i don’t want this to be

one of those pages where i just stare
for what seems forever at an empty page

            how do i express this one?
            there are no words…

mathematics describes the infinite
science describes the finite

poetry is the hearts way
of becoming tangible in the world

this sadness…. why am i sad?
because i have found a love
            as pure as gold, who needs definite
            or indefinite, space and time from me

there are no words.
there is no way to express this

there are some dialects of the heart
that even poetry doesn't understand

there are some forms of sadness
that can only be, secrets of the heart

            this is one of them.

i'd give my favorite words
to have you next to me

i'd give my best couplets
to have my head on your chest again

and if it cost me a thousand poems
to have one day with you,

i'd spend every moment in poetic prose
just so when i looked up from the page

i could see your good
shining through that warm smile

yes, i'd give up my words for you to be mine
each and every last one....            
            my greatest passion
            for my greatest love

i'd start with the ones that were with me in adolescence
the ones that comforted me when i was 14, alone and ashamed

then, i'd give up my words that were my only companions
in the darkest moments of my life
            i'd go through it all again, but this time alone
            if you'd be mine

every stroke, every comma, every period
and every instance of creative contemplation

my closest friends
my most intimate companions

            i'd give them all away for you
you once told me that death is the great equalizer
your depth amazed me in that moment

            yes.... and so is love
            as its here, in this sadness that nothing else identifies me

you've brought a poet to offer you his words.
can't you see what your love has done for me?